Exxes fashion is a retail-wholesale fashion company founded in 2000, specialising in manufacturing and importing contemporary fashion for women. We are a family business and we have decades of experience from our mother company which is operating in the same field.

The Largest percentage of our products are designed and manufactured in our facilities in Athens, Greece. We strive to manufacture but also import high quality apparel and accessories, despite the difficulties we might face, so we can meet our customers’ needs for quality and competitive pricing. Our goal is to offer you the best so you can thrive in the modern economic environment. Browsing our website you will find a huge variety of women’s blouses, tops, skirts, dresses, trousers, outerwear, knitwear as well as shoes and accessories.

You can find our clothing line in fashion retail stores all around Greece, in our own retail store in Argyroupoli, Athens and in our Showroom from which our e-shop operates.

You can find our entire collection in our online store in which you can register as a wholesale customer and shop directly from the comfort of your space.


Women’s knitwear has always been our passion! We have decades of experience in designing and manufacturing knitwear of aesthetic and structural quality. We love to experiment with knitted lace and different textures to create clothing not only for winter but summer as well.

Our knitting machines work all year long since we see spring and summer knits as the perfect way for a woman to show her feminine and romantic side wearing tops and cardigans with light knitted lace to her summer mountain or sea adventures!


As the competition in the fashion industry increases due to the unparalleled success of the fast fashion international companies, new and successful online boutiques and many physical retail stores, we understand the need of every small retailer to separate themselves from the crowd and create a unique identity for their company. Our goal is to offer you unique and stylish designs in clothing and accessories so your online or physical retail store can stand out from the competition. We try to offer you a wide margin and the best quality-price relation we can, so you can have a high percentage of returning customers who see value in purchasing from you. Another important goal we have is to continue manufacturing in Greece and support our local market in every way we can. We try to buy our raw materials locally and open up as many job opportunities as we can offer. Our prices are influenced based on our decisions. We strive to always offer affordable, fashionable, unique and of high quality apparel for women of every age and taste so you can find everything your business might need.

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